Rextron is a market-led, innovative producer of a wide range of products. Rextron KVM Switches have been widely used throughout the world, from individuals to big enterprises. The KVM switch enables the management of over 100 computers, satisfying both single/multi platform users and enabling the easy control of all kinds of computers, including PS/2, Sun and Mac.

Rextron's 15", 17" and 19" LCD Console Drawers provide a compact integration solution and manage all desired computers from a single 1 U space. A rack-mounted unit with economic space-saving capabilities makes computer management with KVM switches simple and convenient.


Rextron's KVM via IP switches can remotely control your devices via an IP connection from just about anywhere. With your computers controlled using TCP/IP protocols, you can supervise the server room without worrying about online traffic. Revolutionized remote server management using highly-secured, browser-based configurations creates a high-tech and effective solution for next-generation KVM management.
Rextron also produces a series of other related products including; KVM/Video Extenders, Splitters, Converters and accessories.


EV Wallplate (VGA over CAT5)


Rextron wall-mount Video (+Audio) Extender consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver that allows you to extend VGA (+Audio) signal up to 165 meters away from a Video source by using only a single UTP CAT5/ 5e/ 6 cable increasing the space efficiency. It supports most of the popular Windows, Mac, Sun, and Linux operating system.


The EDID Copy function on the Transmitter Unit enables the best video presenting, and the RGB Skew feature on the Receiver Unit allows manually and intuitively adjusting video quality according to the length of CAT5 cable. Its compact design offers the convenient installation and saves space where the display may need to expose in a public area, but you can keep the system in a safe location. It is perfect for situations that require immediate and easy to set up, such as presentations from commercial product to corporate financial data in showrooms, boardrooms, trade shows, window displays, classrooms, and training facilities.


EV Wallplate Range

EVA Wallplate Range (Euro)

EVA Wallplate Range (US)

Full HD 600 Metres Video + Audio Extender Series


The “Video+Audio Cat5 Extender” pair is a dedicated design with the characteristics of Flexibility in extending video signals at high resolution over long distances, Convenience in manually and intuitively adjusting audio and video signal via a built-in jog wheel, Security in allowing to locate computers in the b ac k room or secure location away from the display and protect it from unauthorized use or public display.


The "Video + Audio Cat5 Extender" pair consists of One Local Unit (Transmitter) and One Remote Unit (Receiver ) featuring to transmit the Video + Audio signal up to 600 meters far away with the WUXGA (1920 x 1200) / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / UXGA (1600 x 1200) via Cat5 cables.

The Local Unit duplicates the Video + Audio signal from one input source port to one or two local output port(s) and one Cat5 output port. for the specific applications such as the bank, the training center, the grocery chain store, and so on. And, the last but not the least is every single Remote Unit has 2 Video + Audio outputs that totally fits the applications on the airport, bus station or other public transportations --- installing 2 back-to-back or adjacent screens at the same location.

A handy jog wheel on the top panel allows users to manually adjust audio volume and video signal on Gain (Brightness), Equalizer (Sharpness) and RGB skew in a way that is simple and convenient.

EXVA Range

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